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Because your Web Application
Security solution
needs to work for you
and not the other way around

Application security is typically accomplished by combining several technologies, including Web Application Firewall (WAF), bots and fraud prevention, and API protection.

Each requires constant special attention and expertise to ensure that the security of the organization application doesn’t fall short. Constant adjustments and manual changes need to be put in place to adapt each solution to the rapid changes of the applications, to support the introduction of a new application, and to respond to the changes of the threat landscape. 

Another challenge organizations face is the centralizing management of security solutions that are distributed across the network.

By default, organizations’ applications are easy prey to hackers due to the current paradigm. Meanwhile, widely used legacy solutions are failing to offer any relief.

Static rules won’t take you far

Founded by former F5, CheckPoint and McAfee employees ForceNock is developing a Fully Autonomous Web Application Security Solution. 

The solution replaces existing WAF, API & bot mitigation solutions – eliminating the need for the expensive manual configuration reducing organization TCO to protect their web assets & API, while better mitigating overall cyber threat risk and expand the span of protection.

How it works

Behavioral engine

Advance Indicator engine

Correlation engine

JavaScript (optional)


ForceNock Dynamic Adaptation Security solution replaces existing WAF, API & bot mitigation solutions – eliminating the need for expensive manual configuration, reducing organization TCO and all the while improving overall cyber threat risk mitigation. The system continuously adapts and changes ensuring minimal false-positive and maximum security, while freeing the security teams from managing endless configurations and rules.

An additional advance real-time correlation engine detects attacks patterns making it extremely difficult for an attacker to search for weaknesses without getting flagged.

ForceNock’s JavaScript (JS) is an optional addition that is used for bot mitigation. The JS can be deployed to specific indicated URL or automatically to all Web Application URLs and it is the most effective technique to mitigate automated/ bot attacks. Once implemented, it will immediately mitigate the threats and save resources. Price Scrapping, Password BruteForce, ads clickfraud, giftcards, and other customer campaign abuse are all best mitigated using ForceNock’s JS.

How easy is it to deploy and test?

The solution is currently offered as a virtual appliance – for a private cloud deployment as a reverse proxy or plug-in to Nginx / Apache.

Deployment can be as quick as 20-30min. 


Contact us to learn how ForceNock works and how we can immediately improve the security of your web applications while reducing your total cost of ownership.

Our security experts will gladly assist you.

Don’t be shy 🙂