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The product / technical

ForceNock protects organizations web assets and API from the most sophisticated attacks including bots, OWASP top 10 & more.

Simple – No manual configuration is EVER needed. Both for deployment and maintenance – Zero Configuration!
Yes, even when you update / make changes to the application or add additional applications to be protected. 

The solution is currently offered as a virtual appliance – for a private cloud deployment as a reverse proxy or plug-in to Nginx / Apache.

Contact us and we would be happy to share the comparison data.
(spoiler alert – better throughput and lower latency than compared leading web application security solutions).  

Both ForceNock’s behavioral and correlation engine act to detect and stop bot attacks. However, it is highly recommended to also deploy ForceNock’s JavaScript (JS). The JS can be deployed to a specific URL or automatically to all web application URLs. It is the most effective technique to mitigate automated / bot attacks.
Once the JS is implemented it will immediately mitigate the threats and save resources. Price scraping, password brute-force, ad clickfraud, giftcards and other customer campaigns abuse are all best mitigated using ForceNock’s JS.

Yes please, I’ll take two☺.
The system can be deployed as cluster with dynamic load balancing and full active-active / active-passive high availability.

Contact us and we would be happy to fit the solution to your unique requirements, 
For PoV usually we ask for: 
•    (Virtual) Agents – hardware: 2 servers (8 cores * 8 GB * 30GB disk)
•    (Virtual) Management – hardware: 1 server (2 cores * 4 GB * 300GB disk)

Good question and by the time you will read all the FAQ it can be over. Deployment can be as quick as 20-30min for the testing and the production.

Sales / commercial

Best to contact us directly at

Subscription pay per use (Mbps) – either monthy or annual (discount) subscription model. 

Yes. ForceNock provides few SLA support program including a 24/7 support plan.

We would be happy to meet in our offices or schedule an online demo. The ForceNock team is also participating in leading expos and shows around the county. Please contact us for more details and we would be happy for the opportunity to meet. 

We provide basic training with respect to the technical operations of the system. Additional online training / on premises training can be added if needed. 
Frankly, my dear, you wouldn’t need much more 🙂 


Contact us to learn how ForceNock works and how we can immediately improve the security of your web applications while reducing your total cost of ownership.

Our security experts will gladly assist you.

Don’t be shy 🙂