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In this role you will:
Investigate data, incidents and alerts to analyze breaches, attacks and web threats within some of world’s largest enterprise networks.
Work closely with customer SOC and Security teams to build strong relationships and enhance the customer’s security posture.
Provide customers with both immediate and periodic cyber-security reports and security recommendations.
Apply data research tools, threat intelligence and external feeds to achieve in-depth understanding of events.
Correlate observations from worldwide systems to discover yet unknown cybersecurity findings.
Research, analyze, initiate and investigate new features to be incorporated in our product.
Work closely with our Product Managers and Labs team to provide insights and research new features for our product.


Experience in Cyber Security analysis, research and presentation
Passion and experience with thoroughly analyzing information and exceptional attention to detail and curiosity
Thorough knowledge of networking technologies and protocols
Thorough knowledge of security practices, threats, vulnerabilities etc.
Excellent verbal and written communications skills (English and Hebrew are a must; other languages are always a plus)
An experienced security enthusiast, familiar with the field and up to date on recent news and trends

Relevant cyber security experience (Veteran of military service experience or other)
Experience with big data querying (Python scripting, MongoDB, ElasticSearch or similar tools) and analysis, or a proven self learner willing and excited to learn
Knowledge of virtualization, SDN and Cloud technologies

ForceNock is looking for a Linux C++ developer responsible for building high-performance Web Security application.

As a software developer in the data security group, you will be part of a team of professionals that develop best of breed tools to protect our customer data from cyber crimes for on-premise and cloud deployments.

Your primary responsibility will be to design and develop new features, and to coordinate with the rest of the team working on different layers of the infrastructure.


  • Design, build, and maintain secure, efficient, reusable, and reliable C++ code
  • Implement performance and quality modules (unit tests)
  • Identify bottlenecks and bugs, and devise solutions to these problems
  • Help maintain code quality, organization, and automatization
  • Be responsible for code reviews, including security-related reviews
  • The product is mostly Linux based (running on CentOS 7)


  • Strong proficiency in C++, with fair knowledge of the language specification
  • Thorough knowledge of the standard library, STL containers, and algorithms
  • Understanding of dynamic polymorphism, C++ specific notions, such as friend classes, and C++ templates
  • Understanding of memory management in non-garbage collected environments
  • Understanding of low-level threading primitives such as mutexes and semaphores
  • Good understanding of performance-oriented concepts such as memory cache, algorithmic efficiency, efficiency in multi-threading environment, etc
  • Knowledge of the latest C++11 standard is appreciated
  • Knowledge of writing native modules for high-level languages such as Node.js, Python, Go, etc. would be advantage
  • Familiarity with state-machine based approach to parsing text and binary data
  • Familiarity with build tools on Linux (gcc, Makefiles)
  • Familiarity with profiling and bug-hunting tools, such as oProfile, Valgrind, gdb, etc.
  • Familiarity with unit test-driven development
  • Proficient understanding of code versioning tools (Git)
  • Familiarity with continuous integration systems such as GitLab or CircleCI
  • Familiarity with network protocols, especially HTTP – a big advantage
  • Familiarity with Web server internals such as Apache or nginx – a big advantage


  • BSc. in Computer Science or equivalent
  • 3 years and above experience in C/C++ development
  • Experience with Networking or Security related technologies – highly desired
  • Experience in Linux or Embedded programming – advantage

ForceNock is looking for an experienced DevOps engineer to help build a robust development and deployment pipeline.

* Be a part of a friendly team of experienced engineers.
* Be a part of product development cycle design and help improve it.
* Design CI/CD pipelines, improve and support them over time.
* Design, automate and improve software build processes.
* Design, automate and keep track of deployment to targets such as RPM and Docker repositories, AWS, Azure and Google Cloud images, as part of CI/CD pipelines.


* At least 3 years of experience in DevOps.
* Understanding current best practices in software development and deployment processes.
* Deep knowledge in Linux, including file system, permissions, security, software management, installation and upgrade.
* Experience in linux web servers configuration (nginx, apache).
* Experience in RPM building and maintenance processes (CentOS), as well as maintaining own RPM repositories.
* Experience in managing and administering Git repositories (understand branching, feature branches, GitFlow, etc).
* Experience in maintaining and managing self-hosted CI/CD and bug tracking systems such as Jira, GitLab CI, Jenkins or similar – an advantage!
* Deep understanding of docker infrastructure, including building and keeping track of own docker repositories.
* Experience with cloud environments such as AWS, Azure or Google Cloud.
* Understanding best practices of automating IT infrastructure in cloud environments (systems like AWS CloudFormation, Ansible, Chef, etc.)
* Experience in scripting (Python, Perl, Bash) – an advantage.

Whether you’re experienced SDR with years under your belt or just starting out on your career path, we’d love to hear more about you.

In this role, you will:
• Research, identify, and prospect for new clients focusing on North America.
• Reach out to new clients via phone, email, social media or any other fitting medium
• Qualify Leads
• Schedule quality meetings

English – native speaker a must!
Excellent verbal, writing and interpersonal skills
A can-do attitude with a strong desire to exceed goals
Good understanding and love for technology
Independent self-starter that can challenge the status quo

ForceNock is looking for an experienced QA automation engineer who feels at home in a Linux and cloud environments and has a good understanding of network protocols.

* Work within a friendly environment as part of a team of experienced engineers.
* Be an active part of a product development cycle from design to production.
* Help to build a test infrastructure for a network security appliance.
* Design and write automated test scenarios for network traffic simulation and stability/functional/performance testing.
* Execute automation tests and analyze their results.
* Help to integrate the tests into CI/CD development pipeline.
* At least 3 years of experience as a QA engineer.
* Passion about the quality and perfection level of the product.
* Proactively analyze the product quality requirements and play an active role in designing test methodologies.
* Strong technical skills; ability to deep dive into complex problems and find their root cause.
* Understanding best practices in automatic testing, ability to choose and implement the best test methodologies.
* Background from Security/Cyber companies – a big advantage.
A background in at least some of the following areas is a great advantage
* Good Linux skills.
* Experience in scripting such as Bash, Python, Ruby, Perl and the like.
* Understanding networking basics such as routing and switching.
* Understanding network protocols, especially HTTP.
* Familiarity with tools such as WireShark, tcpdump or netcat.
* Familiarity with automated functional/performance testing frameworks such as JMeter or PhantomJS.
* Familiarity with performance testing frameworks such as Ixia, Avalanche or similar.
* Experience with CI/CD systems, GitLab, Jenkins or similar.

I'm shy at first, but once I'm comfortable with you get ready for some crazy shit.

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